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Once you have been convicted of DUI, you will be subject to sentencing. If this is your first DUI offense, your sentencing will follow California Vehicle Code 23536:

Our San Diego DUI Attorny Is Highly Effective

Depending on the circumstances of your DUI charge, you could face a lighter sentence such as probation, or a more severe sentence including prison time and extensive time in a drug and alcohol treatment program. Some factors that could lead to a more severe sentence are driving with a minor in the vehicle, driving with a BAC over .20%, being involved in an accident where another person was seriously injured or killed.

After you have been sentenced it becomes much more difficult, if not impossible, to have your DUI stricken or expunged from your record. The time to fight is in your trial and in appeals, with the help of a San Diego DUI attorney with the skills to build a case that will crush the prosecution and defend your freedom to the fullest. For more information, contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top San Diego DUI attorney today.